• Recently, several  Chinese embassies and consulates abroad have issued notices to resume entry of foreigners with valid Chinese residence permits. 


In view of the global situation of the epidemic, on November 5, 2020, China suspended the entry of foreigners holding valid Chinese visas and residence permits for work, private affairs, and family reunion. Foreign nationals need to apply for a new visa to enter the country. Starting from September 2021, the websites of the Chinese Embassies in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States have successively announced the adjustment of the visa requirements for foreigners entering China, and the cancellation of the notice of “the temporary suspension of holding valid China’s visa and residence permit entry”.

Key contents and updates

Who will be affected?

Starting from September 2, 2021, the following foreign individuals holding a valid work-type, personal affairs and reunion residence permit can enter into China without applying a new visa. 

  • French nationals entering into China from France
  • Foreign nationals entering into China from the UK
  • Foreign nationals entering into China from San Francisco and Seattle, USA

Note that although China's immigration policy for foreigners has been relaxed, the following necessary procedures before boarding an China-inbound aircraft are still required to follow:

  • Certificate of Negative Results within 48 hours before boarding for Nucleic Acid and IgM anti-body tests (“Double Negative Certificate“) ; and
  • “Green” Health Code  or certified Declaration of Health status before boarding

KPMG observations

With the relaxation of China’s immigration policy, China has implemented the inbound policy adjustment based on the current situation. This also means that in the coming months, more Chinese Consulates abroad are expected to resume the re-entry policy for those foreign individuals who are holding a valid work-type, personal affairs and reunion residence permit.

The organizations and the individuals who have travel plans to come to China are advised to consider the following issues and seek professional assistance where necessary: 

  • A question arises in relation to countries for which the local Chinese embassy is yet to issue a re-entry notice. For foreign individuals who hold a valid residence permit , how should they deal with potential China entry issues?
  • In order to avoid a failure to obtain a Health Code or Health Commitment in a transit country which might result in obstruction, foreign individuals should confirm the relevant policy in a timely manner and make an appointment in advance for Nucleic Acid and IgM anti-body tests in the transit country.
  • In view of the relaxation of China in-bound policy, how should organizations act proactively by suspending international assignments to contain the spread, review the associated relevant risks, and initiate contingency plan to minimize risks and costs?

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KPMG will continue to follow policy and practice updates announced by the national and local immigration authorities, and inform our clients accordingly. Please contact a member of the KPMG Immigration Practice for practical solutions.