KPMG Global Healthcare CEO Outlook 2021 was officially published on June 28. KPMG commissioned Forbes Insights to conduct a survey and interview with 200 healthcare CEOs from eight countries, including China, the United States, Australia, Germany and Canada, from March to April 2021 to explore the way for the global healthcare industry to change and transform in the post-pandemic era.

Key messages from Global perspective

97 %

surveyed CEOs agree that the COVID-19 has significantly accelerated the change agenda of healthcare industry

84 %

surveyed CEOs believe that industry transformation cannot happen without reforming the way care providers incentivized

79 %

surveyed CEOs expect that, within the next three years, all aspects of care delivery models will be transformed

67 %

surveyed CEOs acknowledge that healthcare organizations need to focus more acutely on talent and resources shortages

66 %

surveyed CEOs rate the shift from in-person to digital care delivery as very or extremely important

63 %

surveyed CEOs believe it’s important to shift delivery of care out of hospitals and care facilities and into community settings

Key messages from China perspective

88 %

surveyed CEOs believe that a significant amount of diagnostics, consultations, and treatment will be done digitally instead of in-person in the future

75 %

surveyed CEOs identify the two most important development goals today as "shift from cures to prevention " and "shift from global supply chains to more secure domestic supply chains"

58 %

surveyed CEOs believe that within two years, it is very possible to combine artificial intelligence technology to closely track and collect patient data, then leverages advanced analytics to shape decisions to improve experiences and outcomes

The majority of surveyed CEOs believe that the traditional medical service model (75%) and the digital service model (67%) of healthcare organizations have changed greatly during the epidemic.

The majority of surveyed CEOs identify they currently consider the patient experience (67%) 、 digitally enabled services (67%) and the quality of communication between the organization and patients (67%) as the most important tasks for their future growth.

The report conducts research and interviews from the aspects of organizational change, patient communication, human resources, digital health, partners, etc., raises questions, analyzes the current situation, summarizes key points and provides solutions. From a global perspective, it provides reform suggestions for the development of healthcare industry, and realizes the leap from dream to reality.