2020 was undoubtedly a year of unprecedented change, and has led to new trends, new thinking and ways of working. 2020 was the year when business leaders realised the importance of purpose and brought it to the forefront, when people concerns took centre stage, and when environmental, social and governance matters emerged even stronger than before. The ability of organisations to be financially and operationally resilient, adaptable and agile was also put to the test, and digitisation efforts accelerated at an unprecedented pace. Health concerns were ever present, and so too was geopolitics.

Insurance has been – and continues to be – front and centre in the public eye as the pandemic spread, and as the world looks towards recovery in 2021.

The events of 2020 will determine a large part of what will happen in the coming years, and especially in 2021. We are beginning to operate in a new reality, and insurers are adapting their strategies to become more successful and more relevant.

This publication lays out the key trends that will have a significant impact on the insurance industry in Hong Kong, and also in mainland China and across the broader Asia Pacific region, in 2021.


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