The world has faced significant challenges over the past year, as governments grappled with containing the outbreak of Covid-19, economic growth slowed, and geopolitical tensions increased. For Hong Kong, social unrest and a strained US-China relationship added to the challenging environment. Despite these significant headwinds, Hong Kong’s asset management industry has remained resilient and adapted quickly to the new reality brought about by Covid-19.

In 2020, policymakers introduced a number of regulatory reforms and incentives to drive the further growth of the sector and to increase Hong Kong’s attractiveness as a fund domicile. These initiatives have been welcomed by the industry, and serve to reaffirm Hong Kong’s status as Asia’s leading fundraising centre and its leading asset and wealth management hub. 

If you add to these measures, the ongoing development of the Greater Bay Area, the ever-expanding stock and bond connect schemes, its strategic regional location and its role as a bridge between mainland China and the rest of the world, then Hong Kong’s financial services industry, including its asset managers, are well positioned for growth. 

Against this backdrop, this publication explores a number of key trends for 2021 that are likely to have a significant impact on the asset management industry in Hong Kong.


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