Heavily regulated and complex organizations, including  those with a vast legal entity global footprint, are  challenged more than ever to understand and

manage regulatory requirements. This is a result of  unprecedented business change and a shift in services and  operating models.

Demand on these organizations to maintain compliance  with new requirements continues to escalate, as scrutiny  intensifies from multiple stakeholders, including rising  pressure from regulators, investors, counterparties, and  other market participants in a postcrisis environment where  compliance demands are now far more intensive and  detailed than ever before.

Particularly, horizon scanning that provides the ability  to monitor regulatory change, and sustains dynamic

lineage and mapping across the framework are critical to  existing risk and compliance programs where an intensive  volume of regulatory change is surfacing as a result of  multijurisdictional COVID-19 responses, for example.

Institutions are challenged with:

  • Capturing change
  • Organizing changes and determining what mustbe monitored versus actioned
  • Mapping the requirements back to a relevantpoint intime
  • Threading and capturing an audit trail of theimpacts to the business, processes, policy,procedures, andcontrols
  • Communicating outcomes across thethree lines ofdefense.

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