This Boardroom Pulse publication is intended to help financial institutions’ boards monitor changes in the regulatory environment and the market in a timely manner and gain insights into hotspots and emerging risks in the financial sector. This edition of Boardroom Pulse also describes advanced management practices that have been adopted by domestic and foreign financial institutions, and provides suggestions for financial institutions on how to ensure robust operations and continuous development. New trends have emerged with the rapid development of fintech and digital finance.  However, financial institutions are facing increasingly complex business and compliance environments. The balance between financial innovation and financial stability has become a key issue against this backdrop. The board of directors, which is at the centre of a financial institution’s strategic decision-making, needs to pay attention to this balance. To this end, leading practices have been established for financial institutions to drive innovation in business models, technical processes and financial products and effectively manage risks. These practices include enhancing the construction of digital finance infrastructure and taking advantage of the "regulatory sandbox" so that fintech innovations can be deployed in a safer and more convenient environment. 

  • The effective performance of the board is key to improving corporate governance
  • Data governance is the foundation for digital transformation in financial institutions
  • The rise of regulatory sandboxes in China

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