2019 China Convenience Store Development Report

2019 China Convenience Store Development Report

We conducted quantitative research on 84 convenience store companies (including gas station convenience stores), analyzing sales performance, operating costs, key indicators, digital development and public-private partnership. At the same time, we also compiled and summarized articles, business cases and market data on related topics accumulated by KPMG in the previous years. The aim was to gain a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the current situation and future development of the convenience store industry in China.

Convenience Store

Convenience stores are physical stores. They represent a retail format that is closest to the end customer. Convenience stores have seen significant transformations over the years under the influence of digitization. Leading enterprises in the country are all expanding their business sizes. Major regional players are steadily pushing ahead while others companies and enterprises from other industries are also crossing industry boundaries. The competition intensifies day by day.

The good news is that we see the convenience store industry continuing to expand in scale while gradually deepening their operational depth, testing the waters with innovative new models. Continuous improvements of quantitative indicators such as profitability, store efficiency, employee efficiency, and sales per unit area are observed. New models such as omnichannel model, community group buying model and mobile payment model are explored and applied. Combining new technologies and models, these efforts help companies lay a solid foundation for continued expansion.

Looking ahead, the convenience store industry will continue its accelerated evolution. Digital technology will be used to enhance the operational capabilities of front office, middle and back-end in the following areas: promote member in-depth operation, reshape supply chain and coordinate business ecosystems. Improved operational capabilities will lead to a safer, more convenient and seamless shopping experience for the customers.

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