Global trade has long been a hallmark of Chinese business culture. Since the establishment of trade routes along the Silk Road, there has been a flow of innovation, products and services from China to the world.

Innovative Chinese companies continue to export to global markets, often redefining customer demands and introducing new experiences and technology. Through global supply chains, they are making significant investments in designing and developing new products and services, looking to fulfil the needs of sophisticated customers in an increasing number of markets.

However, the opportunity for growth poses both challenges and significant opportunities. As such, this study explores three key areas:

  • Who are the leading Chinese brands in global markets?
  • How can companies respond to and capitalise on consumers’ generational, gender, educational, income and geographical differences to build influential global brands?
  • What strategies should Chinese companies consider in order to develop outstanding localised customer experiences?

By conducting a global assessment, we have gathered insights from consumers around the globe regarding their perception of Chinese brands on e-commerce, gaming, applications and consumer goods.

Read the report for more analysis and insights.

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