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Apply for KPMG Internship. Get a head start on your professional journey.

Apply for KPMG Internship. Get a head start on your professional journey.

About Basecamp


Basecamp helps kick start your career by finding where you belong in the professional world. With many internship opportunities available throughout the year, you can discover a wealth of career opportunities while you study.

Basecamp provides a platform for you to discover work that matters and working with people that can work well with you. We will recognise your accumulated experience and  enable you to thrive with us throughout your journey. High achievers who meet the performance criteria will receive a better grade of return offer upon graduation. 

We welcome all university students to join us. Experience how we inspire confidence and empower change for our clients, our community and our selves. Basecamp will support your journey by being the foundation for your career and professional development.

Our unique programme allows you to:

  • join KPMG during any period of your university life
  • accumulate your internship experience for a head start in your professional career
  • discover the work and people that you want to focus on
  • create a professional network and build a community with KPMG and fellow students
  • obtain valuable client experience and professional training.

Basecamp prepares you for your career by creating a more visible path for your profession!


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Any internship opportunity outside of the winter and summer intake.

For the 6-12 months Advisory placement programme in Hong Kong, there will be two intakes throughout the year in January and July respectively.

October 2023 – May 2024  (Start and end date can be flexibly adjusted)

June 2024 – September 2024 (Start and end date can be flexibly adjusted)