Focused on your goals and challenges

Strengthening reporting

Many of KPMG China’s services support the drive towards better governance and more effective reporting. Demands for higher standards of accountability, performance and corporate governance have brought new requirements to achieve more comprehensive, accurate and insightful financial reporting. To inspire confidence in the capital markets, companies will increasingly be expected to explain their responses to business risks and the link between objectives and performance.

Raising finance

Many companies operating in China are looking at different ways to raise capital to be able to act swiftly and respond to changes in the market as they face increasing competition. Raising equity or debt gives companies the financial resources to pursue sustained growth and achieve a variety of other strategic goals. However, choosing the right professional advisor is critical. KPMG China has a strong track record of successful listings both within China and internationally. We can assist and provide services to our clients at the various stages of the listing process.

Growing value

Many companies operating in China seek growth through joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Quality partners can be hard to find and require a considerable investment of time and effort. In this context, KPMG China can provide timely professional advice and support to help companies respond to opportunities and secure value.

Sustaining performance

Companies are under constant pressure to deliver improved results while managing a wide range of risks that can threaten the very survival of the business. It is important for companies to identify and manage the risks surrounding the business while addressing the most pressing problems. They must also continue to build value and communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders. KPMG China’s breadth of experience allows the firm to help companies achieve a well-rounded view of their risks and better understand potential gaps and actionable areas through data-driven insights.

Structuring the business

Many companies are faced with the challenge of operating within the local requirements of numerous countries and jurisdictions, with different legal, regulatory and fiscal standards. In many cases, the organisation has been formed over time through a variety of acquisitions and alliances, with each separate business having its own legacy systems, procedures and standards. This can lead to a high level of complexity, but also the potential for efficiency gains through organisational or tax restructuring, improved processes and more effective information management.