Within our Code of Conduct, we outline the responsibilities all KPMG people have to each other, our clients, and the public. It shows how our Values inspire our greatest aspirations and guide all of our behaviours and actions. It defines what it means to work at and be part of KPMG, as well as our individual and collective responsibilities.

The Code of Conduct is intended for use by:

  • All of our people: To understand what is expected of them and the responsibility resting on each of them to apply KPMG’s Values in everything they do
  • Our leadership and management teams: To help them ensure that the decisions they make, the role models they are and the expectations they have of their colleagues take into account both their responsibilities and our Values
  • Prospective employees
  • Regulators, clients, suppliers and the general public, as they seek to understand the values of the organisation.

Click the below link to download the Code of Conduct in PDF.