Top Employer for Five Consecutive Years

KPMG China has been named as a 'Top Employer' by the Top Employers Institute for the fifth consecutive year, recognising the continued efforts of the firm and our people across the likes of people strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, learning, diversity, equity and inclusion, wellbeing and more. Top Employer Institute is a global certification company which recognises excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. 

In response to the news, Honson To, Chairman of KPMG's Asia Pacific region, said: “The ranking of KPMG China as one of Top Employers for five consecutive years represents the employment market’s recognition of what we have achieved in building an employee-centred workplace that promotes agility and diversity. Despite the headwinds in FY2022, KPMG China successfully opened seven new offices across China as part of our ongoing commitment to becoming the most trustworthy – and therefore the most trusted – professional service provider. In this journey, we need and welcome more talented professionals to join us to do work that matters for our clients and communities.”

Linda Lin, Head of People, Performance and Culture of KPMG China, said: “KPMG is honoured to be recognised as one of China's Top Employers for five years in a row, which will encourage us to keep forging ahead. We will also continue improving our brand as an employer and offer better and wide-ranging career opportunities for our people.”

Top Employer 2023

Learn for a lifetime: Learning and development environment

At KPMG China, we are committed to providing every employee with development opportunities through building and promoting a ‘learn for a lifetime’ culture, implementing a well-established training system to enable employees to acquire various skills, experience, and knowledge. From ‘Onboarding to my KPMG Journey‘ which mainly focuses on graduate onboarding programmes; to developing younger generations ‘Leaders developing Leaders‘ programmes; and to ‘Ask Me Anything’ reality show which our management team shares life experience, we empower our employee to continuously develop their personal and professional knowledge and skills through a variety of customized talent development solutions, believing and practicing the 'everyone a leader'  framework.

Come as you are: Embracing diversity and inclusion

KPMG China has been dedicated to creating a work environment and corporate culture that prizes diversity and inclusion, ensuring every employee enjoys a sense of respect and belonging as well as a path to grow.

Our very first ‘Next Generation Council’ completed its tenure in 2022. The council was established to listen to the opinions of our younger staff on the firm’s initiatives and strategic agenda, encourage different views, and drive cross-generation communication. Through the council, innovative ideas are now being exchanged and implemented.

KPMG China was also awarded at the 2022 UN Women WEPs Awards in the Community Engagement and Partnerships category, for the firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme ‘STEM is Her Future’. The award is a great recognition and encouragement for KPMG China’s efforts in promoting gender equity and women’s empowerment not only in the workplace, but also in the marketplace and community.

Thrive with us: Taking care of each other to bring out the best in us

Employee welfare is essential for an attractive workplace. In 2022, uncertainty resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on our everyone’s mental and physical health – including that of our people. During the Shanghai lockdown, KPMG China explored a variety of ways to stay connected with them and address their concerns, including by arranging online psychological counselling and webinars. We also put in place an emergency service platform to help colleagues resolve any challenges they were facing. During that period, we managed to deliver urgent packages of supplies to our Shanghai employees. In addition, we prepared a heart-warming gift for each employee on 20 May, a date that represents love in China.

Make your mark: Enhancing workplace experience and benefits

Last December, KPMG China introduced its new Service Milestone Award. This was designed to extend recognition and appreciation to employees for their long-term commitment and contribution, promote a sense of belonging among our people, and to make them feel proud of being part of the firm. In addition, we also launched the Future of Work – Everyone Agile programme, the Wellbeing App, and the Flexible Wellness plan in 2022, demonstrating KPMG China’s efforts to provide a sound work environment, career development opportunities, and mental and physical care for employees.

Do work that matters: Shaping a sustainable future

As a firm that advocates and pursues green development, KPMG China sees sustainability as its long-term strategic priority. We are devoted to working with various stakeholders to improve social and environmental sustainability and to deliver a positive impact on our communities and markets.

Our Impact Plan, KPMG China's second environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report issued in April 2022, describes what we have achieved in the four related areas: Planet, People, Prosperity and Governance.

In addition, we took the initiative to implement the ‘Internal Carbon Price’ programme from October 2022, with the aim of avoiding unnecessary business trips, promoting a low-carbon lifestyle, and taking carbon emissions into account when considering necessary business trips. This programme encourages sustainable business travel and will help facilitate KPMG’s global goal of reaching net zero by 2030, as well as China’s 2060 carbon neutrality target.

With enterprises around the world expected to face substantial challenges in 2023, KPMG China will continue to place employee growth as its top priority, making every effort to create far-reaching career opportunities, and strive to consolidate its status as a top employer.