KPMG China receives Annual Financial Industry Award for the fourth consecutive year

Recently, the award ceremony of "2022 China Business Network (CBN) Financial Value List Ranking” was held in Shanghai. Featured by the theme of "New Journey, Start Again", China Financial Value (CFV) took a deep insight into financial changes in China. KPMG China was the only professional advisory services firm winning the Annual Award for its outstanding achievements in the financial industry in 2022. For the fourth consecutive year, KPMG China was awarded "Most Valuable Financial Service Provider" in the annual financial industry awards.

KPMG China was awarded as the most valuable and creative financial services firm

On behalf of KPMG China, James Zheng, Partner, Asset Management Advisory Service, attended the ceremony.

Envisioning 2023 with professional insights and an openminded attitude

"KPMG, as a professional services firm, has been deep rooted in the financial industry. And we are the witness to transformation and changes of this industry," commented James Zheng, Partner, Asset Management Advisory Service, KPMG China. "Envisioning 2023, we look forward to foster industry rapid growth with our professional insights with the vision KPMG global network. We are committed to overall development of financial industry."

'Future Banking' concept

Innovation and breakthrough

In recent years, KPMG China made continuous efforts to innovations and enabling breakthroughs in the financial services with "Future Banking Service Concept" and "Future Bank 2.0", combining the expertise of traditional financial advisory services with the implementation solutions of leading technologies at home and abroad. KPMG has launched 16 professional service areas across four aspects, including banking strategy, business, function, and technology empowerment, in order to enable clients to grow, transform, and embrace the future of the banking industry. In addition, KPMG has applied its global leading technology and service solutions to key financial areas, such as insurance and asset management.

Future Banking 2.0

16 areas of professional advisory services

Looking ahead, as the demand for wealth management grows, both at the regulatory level and in terms of user demand, higher standards and requirements are set for wealth management institutions. KPMG China is committed to enabling the development of the financial industry through its professional service insight.

Focusing on industry ecological construction to achieve leapfrog development

As an active contributor to the development of China financial industry, KPMG has been deep rooted in China financial industry for over 30 years. KPMG has been focusing on innovative development of financial clients, enabling state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and city commercial banks, large insurance institutions and securities companies on their journey of transformation and restructuring, which boosted the financial industry to leapfrog through the capital market.

KPMG is committed to the integration of the financial industry, to focus on building industry ecological system, to serve innovative financial institutions in strategy and implementation, and to provide professional financial industry advisory services to enterprises.