23:28 minutes listen, Podcast in German

Silvan Jurt and Patrick Schmucki talk about the challenges of integrating sustainability in a business model. This episode is the start of a series on sustainability that KPMG has launched together with the swissVR board association.

"Companies are facing increasing pressure to consider non-financial factors as well."

– Silvan Jurt, Head Corporate Sustainability Services

Insights and takeaways

  • Companies’ long-term financial success is closely linked to how they are integrated into society and the environment.
  • Emerging changes in investor behavior, additional regulation to restructure financial flows, opportunities opened up by digitalization as well as the influence of new media on companies’ reputations are increasing the importance of ESG factors on an ongoing basis.
  • Corporate Greenwashing, i.e. conveying a misleading impression about how a company's products are more environmentally sound, entails reputational risks.
  • Making your business more sustainable along the whole supply chain is a complex undertaking.


  • Silvan Jurt, Partner, Head Corporate Sustainability Services, Head of Power & Utilities
  • Patrick Schmucki, Director, Corporate Responsibility Officer, Financial Services