Quarterly Brief: International Valuation Newsletter

Quarterly Brief: Valuation Newsletter

Our quarterly published Valuation Newsletter "Quarterly Brief" summarizes relevant capital market data that are pertinent to any valuation analysis and contains articles on current valuation topics.


Key contact

Johannes Post

Partner, Deal Advisory, Global Head of Valuation Services

KPMG Switzerland

Valuation Newsletter

Over the last few years, the focus of our Quarterly Brief has included COVID 19, ESG and renewable energy. All these topics are still highly relevant today, for sure. In addition, we now face the tragic war in Ukraine, other looming geopolitical tension, continuously disrupted global supply chains and inflation levels not seen for decades in developed countries.

With winter soon upon us in the northern hemisphere, we face skyrocketing energy prices due to an expected shortage of gas and electricity, while underdeveloped countries are threatened by food scarcity. 

In addition to sharing our insights into the above topic, we will summarize recent key capital market data such as:

  • index performance
  • sector multiples
  • risk free rates
  • country risk premiums
  • growth rates for selected markets

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