More than results, the certainty of doing the right thing, in the right way: this is the theme of KPMG in Brazil's 2023 Transparency Report. The nearly 50-page document stresses the Organization’s commitment to quality, ethics and innovation.

In addition to listing KPMG's achievements in 2023, the report offers a detailed view of KPMG in Brazil's principles and commitments, highlighting the Values that comprise the core of KPMG's culture.

These Values are not empty words, but principles that shape KPMG's initiatives and decisions, thus reinforcing its commitment to quality and excellence in each of its activities.

The Report highlights KPMG's robust governance framework, which ensures strategic alignment and accountability in all areas of the Organization. It also shows the role of the Executive Committee in ensuring compliance with the goals aligned with KPMG's global guidelines.

In 2023, the Organization continued its journey in a consistent and reliable manner, focused on building a better future for its stakeholders, the market and society.

This performance was supported by rigorous quality controls, by transparency and governance policies, as well as by investments in automation, artificial intelligence and data analysis.

The Transparency Report discusses the Quality Management System in detail, emphasizing the Organization's determination to provide independent and reliable assessments to all stakeholders. KPMG acknowledges the importance of innovation and technology. In this sense, it is worth noting that the KPMG Clara platform plays a key role in boosting globally consistent audits by means of emerging technologies, data science and automation. The Transparency Report addresses this point in detail.

Strategic Alliances and ESG

Another key point in this pursuit of constant progress is strategic collaboration, grounded in partnerships with internationally recognized companies. Those alliances support the enhancement of Data & Analytics and free professionals to focus on central and critical issues of the Audit.

In 2023, KPMG launched a globally consistent workflow for assurance engagements, including those related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, providing consistent experience for users and fostering innovation.

And, by the way, speaking of ESG, KPMG in Brazil demonstrates its commitment to society by focusing on ESG approaches and ESG Assurance Quality. By taking part in global forums and promoting interdisciplinary discussions about social and environmental issues, the Organization reflects its concern for a better world.

In 2023, KPMG allocated significant funds to a range of initiatives and institutions, supporting social causes such as social justice and education. It also contributed pro bono services to several organizations, thus reinforcing its commitment to the community and society in general.

Ethics and integrity

KPMG places ethics and integrity at the core of its Audit and Assurance practice. The Organization complies strictly with the highest standards of personal and professional behavior, ensuring that its initiatives are in line with its global code of conduct.

As shown in KPMG's 2023 Transparency Report, the Organization remains focused on its commitment to quality, ethics, innovation and social responsibility.

Brazil Transparency Report 2023

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