KPMG releases report highlighting how island jurisdictions are generating economic growth

KPMG in Bermuda is pleased to release First item on the agenda: economic growth, our report covering best-in-class examples of how islands are developing glidepaths to economic growth and stability.  The report is based on recent news and conversations with public sector leaders from Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, and Isle of Man.

Many island jurisdictions are not only recovering but prospering and punching above their weight as they diversify their economies, educate to meet the demands of a digital future, aggressively introduce energy and food sustainability. Conversations with senior government officials suggest that more emphasis is being placed on attracting inward investment and strategic partnerships to achieve economic plans. 

“The regeneration and optimism of the Islands is impressive.” said report contributor Lori Rockhead, Director and Sector Lead for Government, Infrastructure and Healthcare for the KPMG Islands Group. “Governments are re-conceptualizing their role as stewards of environmental and socio-economic well-being to improve the future for citizens.  Fortunately, the renewed global interest in the United Nations’ sustainable development goals makes it a good time to be seeking global interest and investment.”

The pandemic created unprecedented change, and with it a greater acceptance of the necessity for change and the potential for renewal and innovation. KPMG is excited to witness this renewed commitment to sustainability and economic development amongst our public sector and corporate clients. We sincerely believe that ultimately those jurisdictions which aim for expansive sustainability will experience higher rates of economic growth.