Jay Payne


KPMG in Bermuda

Jay Payne brings with him over 30 years of experience. Throughout his career, Jay has provided professional services to businesses navigating the changing complexity of the US tax system.

Professional and industry experience

Throughout his career, his clients have included multi-national public and private companies.  Jay’s background work has included industry focused tax consulting to businesses involved in Entertainment and Hospitality, Energy, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Insurance. With his experience, he also supports companies who need income taxes under prevalent standards of accounting, both in auditing and consulting support.    

Jay brings a new perspective on serving business clients with sophisticated issues and joined KPMG Bermuda this year. Jay’s years of tax consulting experience brings value to clients in the following ways:

  • forward thinking with respect to opportunities and challenges for clients based on changes to laws or business environment;
  • efficient process improvement and organization of information to meet both planning and compliance requirements that clients face; and
  • understanding industry specific issues and problem solving to navigate complexities of the tax system.

Recent engagement experience

  • Large multi-national company with operations in Bermuda considering application of the new Bermuda corporate income tax and the economic transition adjustment to mitigate future cash tax impact on their business operations.
  • Insurance company evaluating and meeting compliance requirements of operations and tax consequences of US income taxes.
  • Fund reporting of complex income tax information for U.S. owners, improving information to allow them to account for it in the most efficient manner.
  • Buyer side diligence review of Bermuda based target and taxes reflected in the financial statements, helping the buyer with evaluation of validity and value of it’s intended purchase.