KPMG  has had a presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain for over 50 years. From a small national accounting and auditing firm, founded in 1968 by university friends Jassim M. Fakhro and Hussain Kasim, KPMG in Bahrain has grown to become one of the largest and trusted professional services' firms in the Kingdom.  

KPMG in Bahrain employs over 350 professionals and partners. We provide our clients with a suite of locally-supported Audit, Tax and Advisory services. We recruit the best and brightest from around the world, and currently have a workforce that represents over 15 countries working across our teams. We also pride oursleves in our capabilities to attract, nurture and empower talent from our communities locally. With over 60% of our workforce being represented by Bahrainis, we have a similar representation of Bahrainis within our senior leadership positions. This enables us to combine the strength of KPMG's considerable global knowledge, expertise and delivery capabilities with our national professionals, who have a deep awareness of the needs, opportunities, challenges and cultural nuances relevant to our marketplace in Bahrain.

We believe that our commitment to investing in the national talent pool in Bahrain is a part of our commitment as a stakeholder to the government and communities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We work closely with universities across Bahrain to be able to support the development of the future generation of young leaders, while also grooming the towards becoming professionals via our Hussain Kasim Internship program.

Our commitment to their development through the Jassim Fakhro Professional Development Fund program includes financing their academic endeavors towards higher and professional education, and ensures that they receive ongoing technical training and a combination of both national and international experience through our mobility programs.

Even our alumni are a great source of pride, as they thrive and grown in leadership positions in both the private and public sector. We believe that it is indeed a part of our accountability towards the Kingdom of Bahrain that the skills and experience acquired by our people during their careers at KPMG, are leveraged effectively to contribute towards the Kingdom's economy and the future growth strategy and vision of Bahrain. When choosing to work with KPMG in Bahrain, clients are choosing to work with a firm with a rich national and international history built on the foundation of deep community connections.

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