Follow-up on progress towards your sustainability objectives, by installing SMART targets and monitoring KPI’s via insightful and actionable sustainability dashboards.

Defining your sustainability strategy is the first step toward a more sustainable future for any organization. The strategy outlines your sustainability commitments and priorities. However, a clear view on your destination marks only the beginning of your sustainability journey. Any truly successful sustainability transition requires monitoring of progress to transform ambitions into reality.

Technology can accelerate your sustainability efforts and enable you to focus on the most important domains. Typically, most of the data required to monitor progress on sustainability is already available in an organization. Harmonizing this data and visualizing the information in a clear and compelling way to the responsible business managers boosts the likelihood of a successful realization of your sustainability transition. What’s more, leveraging technology doesn’t only help with keeping track and measuring progress, but can also support you at gaining data-driven actionable insights, to understand what you can do to improve.  

How we can help

KPMG can support you in defining targets and KPI’s in line with your sustainability strategy, considering topic specific reporting standards, the SDG’s and KPI’s reported by peers. Next, we harmonize the data already available in your organization to quantify progress. Together with you, we then create fit-to-purpose sustainability dashboards answering to your needs via an iterative design-and-build process. The dashboards allow you to easily monitor progress on sustainability, while also providing data-driven actionable insights on how best to proceed. As we’re genuinely convinced of the added value of sustainability dashboarding, we’ve implemented the solution for KPMG Belgium as well. Our own sustainability dashboards support us in realizing the objectives laid out in Our Impact Plan by presenting an updated view of the status and by providing value-adding insights.