Customs has climbed the agenda within organizations

Global trade and customs have gained significant importance within organizations due to the increasing complexity and disruption of supply chains and a myriad of legal requirements, Free Trade Agreements and other issues such as retaliation measures and increasing protectionism between Member States. These issues have only been exemplified by Brexit with 1 January 2022 bringing additional measures and changes. As a result, many companies need guidance to navigate the complex maze of customs to make informed decisions and to obtain authorizations that will be most beneficial to their business.

KPMG and C4T join forces

Given the circumstances, KPMG Belgium and KPMG UK have teamed up with Customs4trade (C4T) to offer an effective combination of a digital solution and expert advice to businesses in need. With our combined expertise, clients can be confident that they will receive best in class solutions and services to tackle their trade and customs compliance. The KPMG and C4T alliance provides a seamless customer experience with premier support services, an automated customs solution, and unparalleled customs expertise.

Throughout the partnership, businesses can rely on the alliance to provide a “safety net” of support and managed services, resulting in full control and peace of mind over all customs business critical processes.

About C4T and CAS

Founded in 2004, C4T’s goal is to take customs management to the next level, making it a strategic component of growth for businesses. Understanding the complexity and fragmentation in the market, C4T developed a one-of-a-kind software solution called ‘CAS’, a global trade management solution for companies that want to centralize and automate their customs and trade compliance processes.

Designed by and for customs professionals, CAS delivers state-of-the-art automation, administrative simplification and significant cost reductions to companies of all sizes, from global multinationals to niche family businesses. This SaaS cloud-based multi-country solution consolidates cross-border trade into one system to support the day-to-day responsibilities of customs professionals across all aspects of customs and trade. CAS enables companies to run a global digital customs competence center that reduces administrative and duty costs while keeping up with the ever-changing complexities of customs and trade regulations.

The benefits of working with KPMG and C4T

During these turbulent times, insufficient control over processes and costs have led to decreasing efficiency in customs-related operations and a negative impact on bottom lines as costs increase. Moreover, the struggle to keep pace with changing regulatory and legal requirements has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to make the right decisions.

This alliance offers a unique aggregate of an automated software solution developed by C4T, backed by expert consultancy on all customs-related issues and world-class support from KPMG experts.

Working with KPMG and C4T on your customs strategy will provide you with:

  • Managed and automated Customs services;
  • One source of truth for all Customs & Trade operations;
  • A global customs management software to manage your day-to-day customs operations 
  • World-class support throughout project lifecycles;
  • Updates on changing customs regulations so you can stay compliant;
  • One point of contact for all your ad-hoc business challenges;
  • Data-driven guidance on optimization of related business processes; and
  • A safety net for business-critical process.


Through this alliance, our combined expertise provides comfort, efficiency and end-to-end control over business critical processes, resulting in peace of mind over your customs business critical processes.