Organizations need to ensure that their employment policies and procedures are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations while remaining true to their business objectives and strategies. This means successfully reviewing your HR processes to ensure that all relevant risks are captured, understood, evaluated and properly addressed. HR-related risks can be mitigated, but require a specific set of skills, tools and resources.

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HR Risk Management

While risk has always been an integral part of the HR environment, now more than ever, organizations are expected to focus on ethics and integrity, and develop a plan to prevent the occurrence of misconduct and/or fraud. In reality, we often see that the HR Director is charged with this responsibility - formally or otherwise - and managing this HR-related risk successfully requires a specific set of skills, tools and resources.


Labor law

Employment law can often appear to be a legal maze. As the rules are issued on different levels - not only international, federal and regional levels, but also on sector and company levels - it is often challenging to keep track of all changes. Being fully compliant with all applicable legislation is not an easy task. Specific questions or attention points might come up when you consider, for example, whether or not to work with self-employed contractors, or during the termination of employment contracts.


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