Business planning

KPMG works with entrepreneurs to help build robust plans that include detailed strategy around all aspects of their organization.

Startup financing

Our advisers can help you identify the financing plan that you need to fuel your growth. From helping you identify early-stage financing options to helping you connect with potential investors.

R&D incentives

We can help you conduct a review of R&D incentives and tax implications so that you can better evaluate the after-tax cost of performing your R&D in one country, state or province over another.

Business strategy services

We can work with you to review your business model and help identify strategic initiatives that will support your objectives.

Strategic alliances

Together with our alliance partners we can design, build, and deliver digitally-enabled technology solutions to help you build the right solutions for your business needs.

Corporate tax

From assessing the effectiveness of your business structures to helping you identify tax savings opportunities, KPMG can work with you to develop a customized tax program that works for your business.

Expanding internationally

We will leverage our global expertise through local experts to help you understand your risks and how you can mitigate them so you can take your business anywhere you might want to grow.

Personal tax

Our advisers can work with you to assess the tax rules and tax issues that affect, or may affect, your personal and family taxes, so that you can better manage your overall tax burden while remaining compliant with all tax laws.

Going Public

We can work with you to decide whether going public is the right choice for your business. If you go forward, we can help you manage the IPO process and begin to operate in the public company environment.

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