The only constant in this world is change. So, given today’s market realities, change is inevitable and should be embraced in order to ensure the survival of your business and to retain a competitive advantage. Our team can help you transform and improve the performance of your organization, by assisting you in managing large scale complex, transformational change programs from the people agenda, changing the way people are led, managed and developed and transforming the Human Resources (HR) function itself.

To create lasting value, we team up with you to develop strategies and build the capabilities within your organization for catalyzing productivity and growth.

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Change management

When a company looks to improve its performance or tackle key challenges, it often requires changes: in processes, organizational structures, systems and technology. Whether the change is focused on a specific function or at an organizational level, changes in corporate strategy, processes, systems, and technology require that people perform and behave differently.

To enable and sustain lasting change, a formal change management effort is essential to any significant project you undertake. By putting your employees’ transition at the heart of your agenda, KPMG can assist you in understanding and evolving the individual and collective behaviors within your organization to help ensure that change is successfully adopted and drives organizational success.

Our People & Change team approaches change in the context of your business strategy and can support your company in driving and sustaining change through these key services:

  • (Culture) Change Management;
  • Communication;
  • Change Leadership;
  • Training.
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HR function optimization

Your organization’s HR function plays an increasingly strategic role in driving business performance and success. But, how can you transform your HR function into a dynamic business partner?

Human Resources Transformation focuses on building HR capabilities which drive scalable and sustainable business value, configuring the HR operating model in line with the business strategy and putting the appropriate structure, capabilities and systems in place that enable HR to deliver on key goals.

Our HR optimization team can help you to create greater business value through integrated transformation services that extend from strategy through to execution. This holistic methodology includes a focus on structures, processes, capabilities and systems that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR department.

By putting the appropriate structure, capabilities and systems in place, HR is able to deliver tangible value to your business.

  • HR Strategy
  • HR Service delivery model
  • HR Maturity assessment
  • Digital HR
  • Improving HR processes
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Talent management

Your ability to manage talent – and to develop the right talent strategy for your organization – depends largely on how well you’re able to tune into the talent you have.

Our goal is to help you reimagine a strategy that drives a better employee experience and to shape the workforce of the future. We will help you assess whether you have the optimal talent acquisition, performance, development, and placement strategies, processes and related technologies in place to rapidly address shifting business conditions, capitalize on opportunities impacting the workforce and improve the overall employee experience. We see talent management as a business-critical process. By employing our specific “Tune in to Talent” framework, we help organizations develop their human capital to meet strategic goals, engage in leadership assessment and meet related business needs. 

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It is important to recognize the following interdependencies between core talent processes to improve ROI:

  • Talent process improvement
  • Reward management
  • Employee experience
  • Learning, development and coaching
  • Workforce planning