Businesses are operating in increasingly challenging times, requiring the continuous monitoring of processes, operations and organizational structures in order to identify and implement the most appropriate business approaches with a view to increasing profitability. This requires a methodological approach to improve and re-invent business.

Regardless of the sector, our team of experts strive for consistency in applied methodologies and approaches. The goal is to get the standard of quality of every professional within your organization to a higher level. Our entry point in everything we do, is the business environment of your organization and your defined strategic goals.

How do we do that? With the help of our experts and our robust methodologies, we can support our clients in everything ranging from Organization Design, Process Design & Optimization and Workload Measurement. We help clients assess their fast-changing internal and external environments and support them in their transformation journeys via our Projects, Programs or Portfolio Management services.


How we can help

Organization design

In today’s world of rapid change and disruption, organizations are looking for future-proof organization designs in which their strategy, operating model, workforce, and capabilities are aligned to their goals.

Whether organizations want to cut costs, become more agile or customer centric, gain insights into the skills and capabilities they require, or use their data more efficiently to organize themselves, our consultants can help structure and optimize organization designs, based on trends, industry expertise and leading practices.

We help organizations visualize, assess, and change their organizational structures and systems by combining the various building blocks in an agile manner to meet ever-evolving demands and achieve their goals. 

Change and transition management is an essential part of our approach. Our consultants are trained to guide a group of stakeholders through the decision-making process with C-level workshops, strategic seminars, interviews, and communication.

Process Design & Optimization

Evaluating, redesigning, and creating new business processes to meet changing business, market, and client requirements, are the first steps in any successful digital transformation journey. Therefore, identifying the current process maturity, redesigning and automating processes is the strategic focus of fast-growing companies.

The goal of KPMG’s Process Design & Optimization (PDO) methodology is to ensure that (key) business processes are identified and executed as efficient, effective and economical as possible, while embedding risk, control and compliance considerations. 

The methodology streamlines business processes and ensures that continuous monitoring and improvement mechanisms are in place. By applying valuable and trusted techniques such as Lean (Six Sigma), process mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Business Process Automation (BPA), our clients can: 

  • Map and evaluate processes to help identify problems, bottlenecks and inefficiencies or to improve the User Experience (UX);
  • Design and improve processes to reduce lead time, decrease costs and improve internal efficiency;
  • Identify processes with the potential for automation; and
  • Assess and improve the general maturity of an organizations' process capabilities.

Business & Policy Studies

The BPS team supports organizations and policy makers to assess opportunities based on sector trends and leading practices in order to steer them into the future. Our team provides our clients with key insights to make informed and strategic decisions, ranging from investment decisions, (co-)creating future roadmaps to balancing out different policy measures, with the goal of transforming them into data-driven organizations and governments.

Depending on our clients’ needs, we conduct the following for both the Belgian private and public sector:

  • Market analyses (e.g. ecosystem analyses and market research); 
  • Organizational studies (e.g. strategic studies, feasibility studies and business and financial planning); and
  • Policy evaluations and impact analyses.

Workload Measurement Methodology

Our workload measurement methodology aims to bring insights into time allocation, costs and workload to gain efficiencies by: 

  • Measuring and understanding current workload;   
  • Optimizing HR allocation and evaluating future impact; 
  • Identifying actionable multidimensional areas of improvement (i.e. Process, Organization, People (well-being) and IT tools); and
  • Elaborating a workforce plan.

Project, Program and Portfolio Management

3PM is a collection of methods that offer a consistent and robust approach to project, program and portfolio management throughout their lifecycle. Whether it’s an agile or a more linear project management approach, these methods are designed to promote the highest standards in guidance and deliver the tools and templates necessary to provide quality project management services.
They are defined by a thorough set of activities and deliverables such as project chartering, project planning, weekly project reporting, logging risks/issues/actions/decisions, resource planning, actual vs budget analysis and many others. 3PM offers fully scalable methods that can be tailored to specific clients' needs and can be integrated into every transformation journey, together with our experts.