• Odoo S.A. and KPMG in Belgium expand their partnership: from a real-time accounting collaboration, to a full-fledged transformation and implementation alliance.
  • KPMG in Belgium’s clients who were using Odoo’s accounting services, have been showing a desire for additional Odoo business services.
  • With the extended partnership, the companies combine KPMG’s business & digital transformation expertise and Odoo’s cutting-edge solution to provide a one-stop-shop service to their clients.

Brussels & Louvain-la-Neuve, 31 May 2023 – KPMG in Belgium, the country’s fastest-growing Big Four firm, is expanding its alliance with Odoo S.A. beyond real-time accounting, partnering on its full open-source business solution. For Odoo, one of Belgium’s internationally praised tech unicorns, this expansion bolsters its position as a leading provider of business management software. KPMG believes in this powerful player in the Belgian tech ecosystem, and as a trusted partner, it becomes a go-to company for the implementation of the software. 

In the current digital transformation era, the market’s interest and demand for all-in-one, integrated and easy-to-implement software continues to increase, a trend that KPMG and Odoo notice in Belgium and beyond.

Especially after the successful partnership for real-time accounting took off in 2022, KPMG’s clients expressed a firm desire for the non-accounting Odoo business applications to be implemented. Over the last few years, Odoo has become a credible trustworthy management solution thanks to its “value for money” strategy and the continuous expansion of its app ecosystem. 

Julien Stocq, KPMG in Belgium’s Odoo alliance lead:

“Our initial collaboration with Odoo in the field of real-time accounting has already shown great success. We’ve seen the solution work for many clients in the past year, and it has proven to be agile, scalable, and adaptable to mid and large corporate business contexts. With this new step, we aim to provide our clients with leading technology that meets the evolving needs and demands of the business landscape, and to further deliver value to our community.”


This full-scale alliance benefits the market and both companies. First, clients will be better served through a one-stop-shop proposition. Next, KPMG in Belgium can offer an additional solution for clients who are seeking to modernize their systems with integrated, cutting-edge and user-friendly technology, and Odoo is securing a trusted partner with the necessary industry knowledge and business transformation expertise. 


Sébastien Bruyr, Odoo’s Chief Operating Officer:

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for us to strengthen and accelerate Odoo’s presence in the mid and corporate market while enabling KPMG to better address its clients’ needs in this ever-changing business environment. With our expanded partnership, we can offer comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse and specific requirements of KPMG’s clients. The combination of Odoo’s robust solution with KPMG’s expertise and experience creates a powerful alliance. We’re truly thrilled about the possibilities this collaboration offers and look forward to working closely with KPMG."


Sébastien Bruyr and Julien Stocq

Sébastien Bruyr, Odoo's Chief Operating Officer, ​and Julien Stocq, KPMG in Belgium's Odoo alliance lead

KPMG’s expertise ranges from accounting, tax, legal and finance; over procurement, sales & marketing, regulatory and compliance; to HR, digital innovation and sustainability. Its industry knowledge is built on years of experience in the sectors of financial services, life sciences, energy, public sector, real estate, and more.

Anthony Van de Ven, Head of Alliances at KPMG in Belgium:

“KPMG is the first Big Four firm in Belgium to build such a comprehensive alliance with Odoo. Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams and wide-ranging industry expertise, we can go beyond the sole technical implementation and facilitate and accelerate businesses’ full transformation journeys. We are pleased this new full-scale alliance with Odoo will enable our clients to benefit from the synergy of their cutting-edge technology and our advisory and transformation expertise.”


About KPMG in Belgium

With 1,900 employees across the country, KPMG in Belgium offers your company personalized and multidisciplinary support in audit, accountancy, tax and legal advice. We also support a wide range of management services: from operational efficiency and cost management, to digital transformations, risk management and deal advice. Our local consultants will support you thanks to their knowledge and through the use of innovative tools to help you face each of your challenges.

About Odoo

Founded in 2002, Odoo provides an all-in-one business software solution that encompasses a comprehensive range of integrated, scalable, and user-friendly applications. Odoo’s modular and customizable nature empowers businesses to choose and configure specific applications according to their unique requirements. These applications include accounting, sales, inventory, human resources, manufacturing, and more. This flexibility makes it suitable for companies of all sizes and industries, from small startups to large enterprises.

With an annual turnover of 169 million euros in 2022 and an organic growth of 71% per year, Odoo currently has nearly 3000 employees worldwide, including 1100 in Belgium. Odoo has welcomed two new hires per business day over the past twelve months. In addition, the company has established more than 4100 partnerships, creating more than 30,000 business-related jobs in 130 countries. With 18 offices worldwide (Belgium (5), Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Australia, United States (2), Mexico, Kenya, Dubai, Indonesia, Italy), Odoo serves a global community of 10 million users. For more information, visit www.odoo.com.


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