The social partners within the Joint Committee 209 for the white-collar workers and Joint Committee 111 for the blue-collar workers of the metal manufacturing industry have reached a sector agreement, which includes the possibility of converting part of the end-of-year bonus into a bicycle and/or additional leave days. 


Until now, it was not possible for metal fabrication industry employees to convert (part) of their end-of-year bonus into other benefits, for example within a cafeteria plan. This will change with the new sectoral agreement.

The companies whose place of business is in the provinces and regions where the sectoral end-of-year bonus is at least a full month's salary will be able to offer the possibility of converting up to half of their end-of-year bonus into other benefits.

For the time being, this possibility applies to Flemish companies. Companies with an operating seat solely in the Brussels-Capital Region and Brabant Walloon are excluded. However, for JC 209, it is already explicitly provided that in multi-seat companies with operating headquarters in several provinces and/or regions, of which at least one falls within the scope mentioned above, the regional scope may be extended to the Brussels-Capital Region or Brabant Walloon subject to the signature of a company collective bargaining agreement. For blue-collar workers in JC 111, the parties argue that this will be further clarified if the multi-seat scope can also be applied.

What benefits and conditions?

Starting with the 2023 end-of-year bonus, employers can also opt to convert a maximum of 50% of the end-of-year bonus into another benefit, provided that they sign a company CBA on this matter.

The employee remains free to choose this or not. If they do, the choice will have to be confirmed by signing an individual contract attachment.

If the employee agrees, then half of the year-end bonus can be converted into one of the following benefits:

  • Purchase additional vacation days; and/or
  • A bicycle lease.

The impact of converting part of the end-of-year bonus must be explained to the employees in advance. Finally, the conversion must guarantee cost neutrality, more specifically, the conversion must not entail any cost savings for the employer. 


From now on, companies falling within the scope of JC 209 and JC 111 will also be able to convert part of their end-of-year bonus into other benefits in a flexible compensation plan. This conversion will be possible as of the end-of-year bonus for 2023. It can also be combined with a more extensive cafeteria plan with other benefits, but then other budgets (such as gross salary) will have to be used for these benefits.

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Authors: Kathleen Veugelen, Executive Tax Manager, Sjoukje Custers, Tax Supervisor and Nesrine Boulaich Kasmi, Sr. Tax Adviser