Klarafestival is commemorating music as a delicate and enchanting "equilibrium" inspired by festival artist Barbara Hannigan. Together, attendees enter an auditorium to create a musical community for an evening. They share sublime musical moments, modest rare surprises, and both highs and lows. The often-unexpected interactions between the conductor, orchestra, and audience generate a social and musical cocktail that is impossible to replicate. Everyone present that evening is a part of this musical experience, whether they are watching from the stage, in the hall, or behind the scenes. Together, they "make" or, rather, "become" music.

Become music

Hannigan is unmatched in her ability to breathe new life into music that is sometimes centuries old or contemporary and to make it relevant. With immense passion, she allows the audience to experience music first-hand. From discussions with Hannigan about her music philosophy emerged the festival's theme, "become music." Hannigan starts from the premise that experiencing music is a two-way interaction between the audience and the artist(s). She explores how music can be immersive and seeks the fragile and breath-taking moment when singers, instrumentalists, conductors, composers, and the audience come together in a rare moment of perfect balance.

Klarafestival and KPMG

KPMG in Belgium is proud to have a longstanding partnership with Klarafestival. As a highly regarded and international organization and music festival, that is known for its innovative expressions of classical music, and always excellent in execution and performance. Together, we share common values of fostering innovation and dedication to quality and excellence.

Harry Van Donink
CEO, KPMG in Belgium

At KPMG, we firmly believe that every individual possesses the potential to channel their passions in novel ways that infuse innovation into our future. Similarly, Klarafestival 2023 pays homage to the imagination, inspiration, and creative prowess of humanity. These shared principles, coupled with our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality in all our undertakings, serve as the foundation of the enduring partnership between Klarafestival and KPMG.

Klarafestival is a world-renowned international festival celebrated for its unconventional yet mesmerizing displays of artistry and spectacle. From classical to avant-garde, artists from across the globe grace the stages of Brussels and Bruges to showcase their talents and entertain enthusiastic fans.

The shared emphasis on creative freedom advocated by Klarafestival and KPMG enables us to pursue our passions and integrate them seamlessly into all aspects of our lives. We believe in fostering the extraordinary passion that resides in every individual, entrepreneur, or organization, irrespective of their scale. Like Klarafestival, which is rooted in Brussels and seeks to establish a connection with the outside world by enriching people's lives at the local (Brussels), national (Flanders and Wallonia), and international levels, KPMG also operates on the global stage, actively supporting local companies looking to export abroad.

KPMG’s Choice

All those present last year were awestruck by conductor Gražinytė-Tyla and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Which is why they’ve been invited again, this time with a special role for lead violinist Vilde Frang and a romantic program. After spring blows through the orchestra with Schumann’s Symphony No. 1, Frang takes on Elgar’s lyrical but extremely challenging Violin Concerto.

    This year we will be highlighting the following event:

  • 22 March 2023 – KPMG Employee’s Choice

  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra with Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla & Vilde Frang

Practical details

Enjoy all live concerts in the Bozar, Concert Hall Bruges, Flagey, Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal Flemish Theatre, on the Klara radio website or through the Klara app