In step with the fast-changing world

When IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers came into effect in 2018, the global economy looked very different. Since then, we have seen an extraordinary expansion in digital and intangible goods and services, the rapid growth of subscription services and the creation of new online platforms with innovative incentives.

IFRS 15 was designed to deal with a wide range of transactions and to accommodate changes. But changes can bring challenges in interpreting and applying standards. We are pleased to share our more recent experience in dealing with some of these challenges in our Revenue – IFRS 15 handbook (PDF 3.32 MB). It provides detailed guidance, illustrative examples and extensive discussion of the areas that companies have found most complex.

Looking forward, as your business grows and evolves – whether by developing new products and services or embedding technological innovations – our handbook will help you interpret and apply IFRS 15 to your revenue-related transactions in this fast-changing world.