Teachers, parents, guardians and students alike have faced significant challenges in the remote learning environments of our post-pandemic world. The virtual interaction between students and teachers requires innovative approaches and methods that can help ensure young students remain engaged, motivated and progressing each day. To help parents and kids navigate remote learning successfully and produce the best in academic results, here’s a brief guide based on the DOs and DON’Ts of learning at a distance today.

Dos of remote learning girl using laptop

As you can see, clear and consistent communication is a key to making remote learning work for kids in the ‘virtual learning’ environment. Beyond knowing what to do to promote successful learning every day, here are some tips on what you can avoid so to help keep kids engaged, focused and happy. Be sure to share this list with your kids and discuss the importance of maintaining an enthusiastic approach to learning at a distance.

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By working together — parents, guardians, teachers and students alike — learning outside the classroom can be a positive and successful experience for all. Below you’ll find some informative related content aimed at fostering a productive and engaging learning environment in today’s challenging times.