The KPMG Sourcing Trend Radar 2022 presents our Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory’s view on the Sourcing marketplace. We have compiled this Trend Radar from first-hand field experience, working with clients and service providers around the globe. The trends are viewed from a Digital (IT) sourcing and Business Process Sourcing perspective. 

Over the last year, we have witnessed clients facing challenges in defining future-proof Sourcing operating models. On the one hand, these operating models have to deal with the post-pandemic and geopolitical challenges, causing uncertainty within the global market. On the other hand, they need to keep pace with digital transformation and partner thinking.

Recent developments have changed the way organizations need to collaborate with partners. Modern day Sourcing strategies must cater to service resilience, innovation and digital transformation simultaneously. This is a call for action with regard to Partner and Ecosystem thinking.

Another trend that is becoming dominant in corporate thinking concerns Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Many organizations are incorporating ESG objectives and are prioritizing initiatives based on the level of importance and impact of these objectives. Frontrunners in Sourcing integrate ESG thinking into their Sourcing operating models.

We hope our vision and point of view provides leaders with valuable insights to help them address sourcing challenges with confidence.

To discuss these trends in more detail, or explore how KPMG Belgium’s Shared Service and Outsourcing Advisory (SSOA) team can support your organization, we encourage you to contact any of our local sourcing experts listed in the publication.