We are pleased to introduce the seventh annual edition of our international Real Estate Innovations Overview (REIO). Innovation in Real Estate and Construction has been receiving attention for a couple of years, but has accelerated further. This is mainly attributable to (digital) developments and sustainability targets, that are changing consumer (and societies’) demands. Moreover, rising inflation, interest and cost of materials, coupled with the new 'post' COVID reality and pressure on ESG agendas require the sector to strongly leverage innovation. Hence, we see that innovators start connecting with traditional businesses to understand these important business needs – that apply to global and local markets – and thus, act more focused. With this publication, KPMG aims to provide insights into the innovations that are shaping the Real Estate and Construction industry, now and in the future.

Additionally, the publication is accompanied with an interactive Real Estate & Construction innovation dashboard.

This dashboard [S1] provides accessible insights in key statistics of all innovations listed in the seventh edition of the Real Estate Innovations Overview. Hence, you’ll be able to create personalized insights on a selection of individually adjustable parameters.

We encourage you to have a look and try it out yourself.

Use the dashboard below in full screen to optimally view the statistics of the innovations in the REIO and use the arrows on the bottom to switch between pages.

Download the document: Real Estate Innovations Overview