Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) covers a range of new technologies and use cases to move people and cargo between places underserved to date. Several of these use cases have the potential to become the largest and most exciting new markets of the 4th industrial revolution.

An idea whose time has come

This is driven by a perfect storm of city congestion, environmental concerns, technological disruption and rising customer expectations. But with long development lead times for both technology and regulation, all interested parties need a farsighted approach if that potential is to be realized, and the sector’s future winners have much to gain by engaging regulatory stakeholders now.

This paper looks specifically at some of the larger short and vertical take-off and landing (S/VTOL) passenger-carrying market opportunities and associated ecosystems that will evolve. It is informed by client projects, supplemented by inputs from across our network, and includes rounded projections from our latest market model. Like any model, it aims to serve future planning purposes without claiming certainty about the future.