Welcome to the first edition of KPMG’s new oil and gas magazine, Drilling Down, designed to be of interest to anyone with a connection to the industry. We hope it will bring you valuable topical insights and promote discussion and debate around the key issues facing our sector.

The current global geopolitical tensions combined with intense uncertainty in supply chains have resulted in a rise in hydrocarbon prices, giving the industry a temporary financial break. This price environment is not all positive as it creates significant challenges as external scrutiny increases. Given this fraught environment, our view is that the industry should continue to strengthen its defenses and controls around an array of risks ranging from geopolitics to cyber and talent.

In this issue, we hone in on some of these specific risks, particularly cyber. At KPMG we believe the oil and gas industry is a principal target for cyber threats and the industry must plan for future threats. Our authors put forward detailed views on the nature of the risks confronting oil and gas and related industrial businesses and set out best practice approaches to mitigate them.



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KPMG professionals have a deep industry-specific understanding of information security challenges in the Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) sector, including IT and OT within power and utilities, oil and gas, renewables, chemicals and mining. KPMG’s global Cyber Security Services is an award-winning market leader in Cyber Security Consulting. Our cyber security capabilities are truly global, with over 3,200 information security professionals across the world KPMG Cyber Security Services offers a four-pillar approach to present a globally consistent set of services. These services are aligned to clients’ business priorities to provide reassurance and help them address the challenges that they are tackling.

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