In an agiledigital and customer centric future, the Belgian public sector will have to focus on six key insights identified by KPMG's Public Sector team at the height and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. First, as today's consumers are more informed, connected and demanding than ever, the future has to be customer centered and modern governments have to be trusted and agile to be able to look beyond yesterday's borders towards a better future. The public sector also needs to embrace the power of technology and modernize risk management in government by supporting accelerated program development, delivery and performance. Finally, this challenging new age requires critical new skills and governments should be proactive in attracting and retaining the next generation of civil servants if they wish to align with the demands of a digital society.

The future of government has arrived – early, abruptly and without invitation. While the global pandemic has magnified cracks in the workings of government, it has also catapulted governments everywhere into a new world of remote working, agile policy making and rapid service design.

Is your organization customer-centric?

Welcome a fast-emerging era of modern government that is customer and business centric, agile, digitally enabled and inspired for future change. Forward-looking governments are pivoting their focus toward innovative initiatives and agile regulations that are designed to give them a much deeper role as economic stewards – working in closer partnership with private industry to grow their economies out of debt and enhance future prosperity. Speed to execution, stewardship and impact are the fundamentals of a modern agile government.

Understanding the future of government – and the enhanced role government will ideally play in working more closely with private-sector businesses – will be crucial for organizations. Will your business be ready to respond and take advantage of what modern governments have to offer as they seize an unanticipated ‘golden opportunity’ for historic innovation? We invite you to explore what the future holds in KPMG’s in-depth report and we encourage you to contact us to learn more.