In this report, we see a personal safety moving into the top three purchase drivers, in a climate where confidence to go out is low and trust in organizations has declined. Personal safety is a new consumer expectation that is perceived to be a basic need alongside value for money and ease of buying. These basic needs must be met before consumers are able to consider psychological needs such as a great customer experience or the needs of others.

Safety is now a purchase driver - infographic

While it remains the case that consumers are more thoughtful in their purchase decisions, and all the factors illustrated on the left are significantly more important than pre-COVID-19, personal safety has become a clear barrier to getting back out to stores, branches and out-of-home venues.

What does this mean in the new reality?

Organizations must work much harder to reassure potential consumers that their personal safety is paramount and find new ways of engaging to ease the anxiety around offline interactions. Meanwhile, digital fills the purchasing void.

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