Navigating the digital terrain

Navigating the digital terrain

Five skillsets for CFOs to lead and thrive in a digital organization.

Navigating the digital terrain

We are living in an increasingly digital and dynamic environment where traditional tasks are increasingly being automated.

How can CFOs thrive in this environment?

  • Will the traditional concept of what a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is today still be relevant in 2020 and beyond? 
  • Will the skillsets of the current CFO ensure that they remain effective and influential on the Board?

In order to thrive in the digital terrain, CFOs must evolve and develop new skillsets. When this armor of skills are developed, the CFO will be in a position to fully utilize and be empowered by technology to lead a digital organization.

ACCA and KPMG conducted in-depth research with 13 CFOs from leading organisations. Through our research and interviews, we have identified five levers that will determine the voice and sphere of influence of CFOs in digital organizations in 2020 and beyond:

  • leading strategically
  • creating value from data
  • leveraging digital labor
  • collaborating with internal and external stakeholders
  • embedding cyber security in organization

We then identified three scenarios that will materialize based on the levers that are maximized and minimized.

This report provides insights on how to develop that armor; distilled from discussions with some of the most successful CFOs in influential organizations.


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