Reaction magazine - past editions

Reaction magazine - past editions

View articles from the past editions of Reaction Magazine.

  • Reaction Magazine - January 2019 Issue
    This edition takes a look at risk management approaches to cyber security and investigates trade environment changes.

  • Reaction Magazine: 26th Edition
    This edition takes a look at getting up to speed on the new mobility, provides an update on Brexit and investigates new deals for Japanese chemical companies.

  • Reaction Magazine: 25th Edition
    A view on women in the chemicals industry, an outlook on the Indian chemicals sector and consolidation within the paints and coatings sector.

  • Reaction Magazine: 24th Edition
    A view on the changing geopolitical landscape, an outlook on the US chemicals industry, synergies sought in M&A and innovation with AkzoNobel.

  • Reaction Magazine: 23rd Edition
    A view on strategies for digital transformation, trade and customs, and making human rights a priority in the chemicals industry.

  • Reaction Magazine: 22nd Edition
    In this edition, we take a look at the ongoing wave of M&A activity, which is changing the face of the global chemical industry.

  • Reaction Magazine: 21st Edition
    A view on the impact of Brexit, the latest in our ongoing supply chain series, BRIC paradigm, and growth opportunities for agrochemicals.

  • Reaction Magazine: 20th Edition
    What do data and analytics and changes in the personal care industry mean for chemical companies today?

  • Reaction Magazine: 19th Edition
    This issue outlines how chemical companies can respond to the ongoing disruption in supply chains brought about by the dislocation of supply and demand in the global industry. And a special feature on the DowDuPont transaction and what that means in the context of wider strategic moves within the chemical industry.

  • Reaction Magazine: 18th Edition
    This edition focuses on what chemical companies are doing to drive excellence in working capital performance. We also take a look at the chemical industry in Korea, as well as the increasingly important area of cyber security and what chemical companies can do to protect themselves from external threats.

  • Reaction Magazine: 17th Edition 
    This edition brings you a focus on the US chemical industry, including what the recent fall in the oil price means for the shale boom, as well as how activist investor pressure is affecting business strategy in many companies across the industry.

  • Reaction Magazine: 16th Edition
    In this edition, we bring you a look at some of the chemical industry’s key end markets with a focus on the outlook for the automotive and construction sectors, courtesy of KPMG’s industry leaders in those segments.

  • Reaction Magazine: 15th Edition
    In this edition, we bring you an up-to-date view on the continued opportunities available to chemical companies in China and India; as well as a focus on the ASEAN region, which we believe will be at the forefront of the next wave of chemical industry growth.

  • Reaction Magazine: 14th Edition
    In this edition, we look at how companies are developing new operating models to achieve greater effectiveness and discuss the outlook for the chemical industry in Europe.

  • Reaction Magazine: 13th Edition
    In this edition, we review portfolio rationalization in 2014, examining the strategies that many chemical companies are using to divest their commodity-based assets and shift toward higher-margin specialties.

  • Reaction Magazine: 12th edition
    In this edition, we review the Chinese chemicals sector, looking at how the sector has developed through the growth of both State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Privately-Owned Enterprises (POEs) and provide a future outlook for the development of this growing and competitive sector.

  • Reaction Magazine: 11th edition
    In this edition, we focus on strategic challenges facing the global chemical industry and recommend five key actions executives need to focus on to make their companies successful in tomorrow’s world.

  • Reaction Magazine: 10th edition
    This edition focuses on manufacturing excellence and industry best practice. It also looks at import taxes and duties, an often overlooked area.

  • Reaction Magazine: 9th edition
    This edition focuses on the chemical industries in Canada and Brazil and on bulk tanking and issues within the industry supply chain.

  • Reaction Magazine: 8th edition
    KPMG International surveyed top-level executives in the global chemicals and performance technologies industry during the third quarter of 2012.

  • Reaction Magazine: 7th edition
    This issue focuses on an outlook for the US chemical industry and particularly the impact of shale gas which has reinvigorated the country’s commodity chemical sector.

  • Reaction Magazine: 6th Edition
    This edition of Reaction Magazine focuses on the application of operational excellence in petrochemicals; as well as an update on the various tax-efficient IP incentive regimes available to chemical companies operating in Europe.

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