Muriel Lejour

KPMG Advisory, Director

KPMG in Belgium

Clients often think of pensions as a huge mountain of questions to overcome, where every year, the legislator adds more legislative steps to the process. I would like to see that pensions no longer be deemed as a stowaway. Rather, I would hope that pensions be an active part of the many discussions I have with our clients because it’s a timeless topics but where creativity is an added value.


Pensions (civil cervants and employees)

Accounting standards (IAS19, ASC 715)

  • Accounting standards
  • Advisory
  • Public Policy and Regulatory Change
  • Masters Degree in Commercial Ingenieur, UCL, 1997 MBA exchange program, Bloomington US, 1997

  • Masters Degree in Actuarial Sciences, UCL, 1999

  • Qualified Actuary member of the IABE.

  • No matter how difficult the subject we are dealing with, the response we bring will always be more real when you add a bit of yourself to the equation. “Life without passion is like dancing without music” is my motto. I’m a passionate person who strives to lives each moment deeply.