The current customer landscape has evolved with more personalized service requirements and increased demand for customized solutions. This challenge is putting more stress on the business to expand and customize their offerings, making it increasingly difficult to equate cost/activity to value creation. As the traditional business model becomes increasingly incapable to support customer expectations, this has put a strain on the current operating model (`one size fits all' approach) and subsequent profitability of their product lines.

KPMG Supply Chain Segmentation leverages a mix of data-driven models, data science, and deep supply chain expertise to reach a better way to align supply chain operating models with customer expectations while balancing of cost and service levels.

KPMG Supply Chain Segmentation defines segmentations and sub-segmentations within the supply chain based on customers behaviors in three primary areas of: 'what they buy', 'how they buy', and 'how they expect to be served'.

It can identify and group customers that receive too little or too much service relative to their profitability (or revenue) characteristics. Based on these results, the client can increase profitability through use case analyses (service rationalization, price changes, etc.) produced in a prepopulated Tableau dashboard.

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