KPMG LINK Work Force Technology

KPMG LINK Work Force Technology

Your advantages with KPMG LINK Work Force

KPMG LINK Work Force breaks down the borders that exist between you, your employees and your vendors offering a single technology solution to make managing your global workforce easy, effective, and transparent. Whether you organization is small, large, centralized or decentralized, we’re here to help you navigate through an increasingly mobile and global business environment.

KPMG LINK Work Force integrates with your existing internal and vendor systems, as well as KPMG tools, to create a single portal for mobility management -  reducing complexity, providing data and analytics, controlling risks and ultimately, saving you time and money.  From the preparation and reconciliation of tax liabilities to compensation collection, business travel risk assessment, and global mobility program management, KPMG LINK Work Force will help you streamline processes, gather and analyze data, and consolidate the management of your mobility program.

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