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Services offered

In the current economic environment many opportunities for growth are emerging. For businesses with robust balance sheets and a steady and predictable cash flow, now is the time to get prepared for the upturn that is sure to come.   

Transaction Services

The international KPMG Transaction Services practice includes over 2,700 professionals in 50 countries. Our Transaction Services team can advise and assist you in managing acquisitions and disposals of businesses in Azerbaijan, the CIS, and other countries. We can support you throughout the entire process, from the initial planning up to the closing of a deal; and after closing, we can assist with the integration or separation of the new business.

Corporate Finance

KPMG's Corporate Finance practice in Azerbaijan and the CIS is one of the leading financial advisors, having more than 80 full time professionals across the Russian-speaking region. It is accredited by KPMG's international Corporate Finance Practice. The accreditation ensures that our professionals have sufficient transaction experience and training, and apply our global standards and quality control procedures. This sets a baseline for consistency and high quality in our work.

Restructuring Services

We help companies in financial difficulty, their investors, creditors or other stakeholders, to develop, negotiate and implement a credible and realistic debt and operational restructuring plan, along with the changes to the company's business that are necessary for this plan to succeed.