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Faced with increasing regulatory requirements and continual public scrutiny, businesses across all industries need to take a proactive approach to maintaining effective compliance management systems.

An innovative cloud-based solution, KPMG’s Compliance Compass enables rapid self-assessment of your organisation. The easy-to-use app provides surveys consisting of a range of questions relating to governance, culture, and specific compliance management activities such as breach management.

Once you’ve completed your compliance management survey, KPMG Compliance Compass presents you with a compliance maturity rating for your organisation along with your performance across 11 dimensions. 

By demonstrating a proactive approach to compliance management, you can drive better outcomes for both your business and customers.

Compliance Framework Diagnostic

KPMG Compliance Compass enables self assessments of your compliance management system, measured across the following 11 dimensions:

Context of the organisation
Compliance obligations
Compliance risk assessment
Compliance controls
Accountability and support
Training and communication
Monitoring and testing
Issue management and investigation
Continual improvement
Governance and culture

Receive tailored advice on how to achieve your target compliance maturity level through a Compliance Framework Diagnostic. Through reviewing your self-assessment results and conducting an in-depth review of your organisation, KPMG professionals can provide you with strategic recommendations and an action plan on how to improve your organisation's compliance maturity.

How can Compliance Compass benefit your business?

Standardised, industry-agnostic survey questions make it a versatile solution for businesses regardless of size or industry.

Surveys that consolidate input from all levels of your organisation.

Provides a central data repository that stores assessment results for year-on-year performance comparison.

A new, dynamic approach to compliance management

Lift the lid

  1. Rapidly assess your alignment to the international compliance standard at a price point lower than the traditional reviews

  2. Benchmark your compliance maturity against your industry and other sectors

  3. Conveniently deploy the app to people across your organisation in multiple locations

See the risks

  1. Obtain a view on the effectiveness of your compliance management system

  2. Identify potential gaps in your compliance management system

  3. Determine ways to enhance compliance management practices and maturity

Identify trends

  1. Use visual data to compare and contrast results against your industry

  2. View a standard report showing a detailed assessment of your organisation’s compliance maturity

  3. Consolidate data by using scoring logic

KPMG’s compliance management specialists