KPMG Australia has announced it is releasing KPMG KymChat, its Generative AI agent, to provide clients with an affordable means to accelerate their AI journey.

The firm launched KPMG KymChat internally in March 2023, enabling KPMG employees to access the processing power of the fifth largest supercomputer in the world through a digital assistant on their desktop and phone. KPMG KymChat allows the firm’s employees to safely use ground-breaking AI technology in the workplace without having client data leave the KPMG environment.

Australian organisations will now be able to implement their own version of KPMG KymChat through an “Accelerator” solution that combines KymChat’s use cases, features and lessons learnt, with bespoke consulting services.

KPMG Chief Digital Officer John Munnelly said: “Many Australian organisations are grappling with the rapid roll-out of AI. We fielded so many enquiries about how we were using KymChat as an internal tool that we decided to launch a version for clients to use. This has been made possible with the recent release of Microsoft Azure OpenAI services and will leverage Microsoft’s best AI practices and patterns as well as the lessons we’ve learned at KPMG.”

According to Lee Hickin, the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, “the launch provides KPMG clients with a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how AI can enhance productivity and revolutionise their operations. We’re still witnessing the start of this era of AI and, as businesses apply the tools in different ways, we discover more about the incredible potential of responsibly managed AI.” 

The KPMG KymChat Accelerator sits alongside a broader range of AI and technology services provided by KPMG Consulting and tech enablement teams. Devised to help Australian organisations gain hands-on experience with AI, it will help clients navigate the challenges of AI implementation while prioritising data privacy and compliance.

“Businesses struggle to find a clear starting point to pilot AI within their organisation,” said Munnelly. “They are looking for a safe and secure enterprise AI solution that complies with Australia’s privacy settings. We are excited to be able to launch KPMG KymChat as a cost-effective means for clients to fast-track their AI projects and give their people a safe-to-use generative AI platform.”

The KPMG KymChat AI solution is enabled through an alliance with Microsoft to deploy Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI platform. 

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