Australian universities are continuing to face complex challenges


Disruptions to established markets and funding pressures are driving a renewed focus on cost management and financial performance.

The pandemic revealed that the business and operating models of many universities were reliant on good times continuing. With the disruption to traditional revenue sources, cost levers are in focus more than ever before in the university sector.

Perspectives from the higher education sector

As university cash and investment reserves come under pressure, there has never been a more important time to understand, analyse and optimise costs and financial performance in the sector.

Finance and procurement leaders are increasingly stepping up to attain long term savings and cost efficiencies for their university. CFOs are considering new approaches to cost management and CPOs are reviewing sourcing to achieve financial sustainability and optimise operations for future-fit organisations.

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In KPMG’s second webinar in our Future of Higher Education series, we spoke to tertiary Finance and Procurement leaders and explored their drivers for change, approaches to cost management and sourcing initiatives to achieve financial sustainability in the university sector.

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