Life Sciences leaders are transforming their business models – breaking down silos, reducing turnaround times and putting consumers at the heart of their operations. Backed by interconnected platform ecosystems, these new business models will digitally transform your entire value chain, so it is future-ready.

Traditional mass production is giving way to a distributed footprint powered by a network of micro-supply chains – imagine a world where hyper-personalised products can be produced on demand or on site at clinics. 

What does Life Sciences supply chain transformation look like?

Person focused products and services

A new era of hyper-personalised offerings including precision treatments based on an individual’s cells or genes. To get there, manufacturers will need to tackle the challenges of regulatory burden, operational complexity, scalability and high COGS.

Platform-enabled business models

Digital platform ecosystems underpin the consumerisation of healthcare and the rise of Me-Commerce. Giving patients easy and equitable access to products and services, these interconnected platforms will facilitate exchanges along the end-to-end healthcare value chain.

Digitally-enabled operating models

Leaders will move toward a smarter and faster operating model, leveraging the value of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). To mitigate workforce pressures, improve product utilisation and enhance speed to market, they’ll evolve their operations to be highly automated, remote and modular.

Brand-powered value propositions

Future Life Sciences supply chains will shift from a traditional cost centre to a brand influencer. By integrating data security, ensuring transparent privacy policies and providing traceability of products in line with ESG goals – Life Sciences can gain a competitive edge and win the hearts and minds of consumers.

Supply chain transformation – we’re here to help

Although the future seems far-reaching, we can work with you to:

  • Review your data strategy, capability and availability against future needs
  • Build a focused and proactive transformation agenda - extending beyond the supply chain to value propositions, business models,  products and services.
  • Identify mutually beneficial partnerships or acquisition opportunities to maximise value while continuously optimising core capability.

Lean on KPMG Australia as a trusted partner and advisor to collaborate and co-design your future-ready Life Sciences transformation agenda. 


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