Organisations and their workforces have endured rapid change in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with ‘hybrid’ models that combine on-premise and remote work now the new normal. 

Meanwhile, customers are embracing the convenience of online transactions at speed, meaning organisations are pursuing digital transformation and powerful new capabilities to support these shifts.

However, with these exciting changes comes new risk, namely the increased opportunity for information to be accessed inappropriately, especially by people seeking to do the organisation harm. 

Therefore, organisations need a heightened focus on the protection of both their own and customer information to ensure business sustainability and to retain customer trust. 

Identity & Access Management (IAM) tools

Protection can be offered through increasingly sophisticated Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools. IAM is vital to enforce access controls to information, while also supporting regulatory compliance, governance, privacy, workforce lifecycle management, efficiencies, and the customer experience.

Importantly, IAM tools bring the benefit of the latest in data and analytics capabilities, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), helping organisations to shift from reactive to proactive risk management, and gain enhanced efficiencies via informed decision making.

They can also help to drive an always-on, ‘zero-risk’ approach to IAM, moving forward from a reliance on the use of passwords to instead bring many forms of authentication together at once, and seamlessly, for the greatest protection.

To help organisations explore how to facilitate new ways of digital working and customer behaviours while securing their information, this report covers:

  • How IAM supports information protection in the hybrid workplace

  • How IAM supports meeting new customer demands for privacy and security, and helps build trust

  • How IAM tools empower organisations with data for decisions, governance and efficiencies

  • The advances on the horizon for authentication including the drive to ‘zero-trust’ identification models

  • How considering employees and customers in a converged way can bring even greater IAM protection.

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