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On the horizon: Eight cyber security priorities

Looking beyond the digital shifts created from the pandemic – remote, secure work environments, digital engagement and customer service – this hyperconnected world will likely face expanding cyber risks on multiple global fronts.

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies, extending the challenge organisations face in securing and building tailored cyber defence and support.

KPMG’s annual Cyber security considerations 2022 report identifies eight considerations that leaders should prioritise to help mitigate and minimise the impact of cyber-attacks while protecting customers, data and sustainability in a digital world.

Translation is a big CISO challenge: explaining risk dynamics to the board and operating committees in terms of collaboration and cooperation. They should articulate that they’re not trying to stop the business, and instead supporting to enhance the trust of their consumers, investors and partners. Security should be a shared responsibility model, owned by everyone.

Gordon Archibald
National Lead, Cyber Security
KPMG Australia

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It's likely that the hyperconnected smart society will face increased cyber risks on multiple global fronts via numerous evolving threat vectors. Find out more in our report, or contact us directly to discuss these issues in greater detail.

Discover how to:

  • Expand the strategic conversation
    Align business goals with security needs.
  • Achieve the x-factor – critical talent and skillsets
    Transform the cyber security team from enforcer to influencer.
  • Adapt security for the cloud
    Enhance cloud security through automation.
  • Place identity at the heart of zero trust
    Put IAM and zero trust to work in today’s hyperconnected workplace.
  • Exploit security automation
    Use smart deployment of security automation to help realise business value.
  • Protect the privacy frontier
    Move to a multidisciplinary approach to privacy risk management.
  • Secure beyond the boundaries
    Transform supply chain security approaches.
  • Reframe the cyber resilience conversation
    Broaden the ability to sustain operations when a cyberattack occurs.

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