As cyber security risks continue to mount, the cyber security function is uniquely positioned to offer more than just a defensive strategy.

By transforming the cyber security function, you can reap benefits beyond the protective layer of the business by also safeguarding your digital assets and reputation.

When cyber security is strategically woven into the fabric of your business, you can protect critical assets, win trust and confidently seize opportunities.

Effective identity and access management (IAM) serves as a foundation for all cyber security programs, and the importance of IAM to lead the cyber security function increases day by day.

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Conquer security threats and ignite innovation

Cyber security puts a protective arm around the day-to-day operations of your business.

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KPMG Powered Cyber | Identity

KPMG Powered Cyber | Identity is an outcome-driven transformation solution for Identity & Access Management.

KPMG Powered Cyber | Identity uses preconfigured cloud technologies to deliver tailored process and organisational designs and accelerate delivery to add value to IAM programs.

Transformation of the cyber function focuses on delivering business outcomes that combine the six layers of the KPMG Target Operating Model:

+ Functional process

+ People

+ Service delivery model

+ Technology

+ Performance and data insights

+ Governance.

Benefits of transforming your cyber function

Once a new operating model is established, you can expect a range of business outcomes, including the following:

Control user access to applications, systems, file sharing and sensitive data

Manage user access across the business through policy-driven access control rules on premise and in the cloud. Significantly reduce the risk of "insider threat" by applying the principle of "least privilege".

Improved quality of reporting and analytics to support decision-making

Feed real time user access data to Risk and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, reducing the risk of systemic malicious activity

Automate processes to reduce reliance on IT and achieve efficiency

Automate access requests, lifecycle management events, certification campaigns, password management to improve efficiency and IT resource drain.

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KPMG Masterclass Program for Identity Leaders

KPMG’s Identity Masterclass Program is designed to help you optimise your IAM strategies. Key topics addressed include future trends, emerging technologies and risks, IAM Maturity, latest identity research and industry-led thought leadership.

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