Teachers, parents, guardians and students alike have faced significant challenges in the remote learning environments of our post-pandemic world. The virtual interaction between students and teachers requires innovative approaches and methods that can help ensure young students remain engaged, motivated and progressing each day. To help parents and kids navigate remote learning successfully and produce the best in academic results, here’s a brief guide based on the DOs and DON’Ts of learning at a distance today.


  1. Follow your school's remote learning guidelines.

  2. Prepare your child by creating a daily 'action plan' together.

  3. Understand the technology and ensure learning apps are up to date. Don't forget to test the technology.

  4. Make sure your child has all the necessary materials to complete assignments fully and on time.

  5. Set up a dedicated learning space for your child that is always quiet and free of interruptions.

  6. Be punctual – log in 10 minutes before class.

  7. Be sure your child introduces themselves when speaking and respects fellow students.

  8. Help your child to maintain a flexible attitude amid changes and to find their own motivation daily.

  9. Encourage kids to ask questions and voice their feelings if unsure of anything. Use chat if possible.

  10. Be sure your child communicates consistently using one main online tool.

  11. Take advantage of breaks by encouraging outdoor play and conversations with friends where possible.

  12. Encourage kids to read their homework and assignment requirements before school ends, asking the teacher for clarification when needed.

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As you can see, clear and consistent communication is a key to making remote learning work for kids in the ‘virtual learning’ environment. Beyond knowing what to do to promote successful learning every day, here are some tips on what you can avoid so to help keep kids engaged, focused and happy. Be sure to share this list with your kids and discuss the importance of maintaining an enthusiastic approach to learning at a distance.


Young child online learning using digital tablet
  1. Don't be late for class time. Log on a few minutes early to minimize stress and ensure a connection.

  2. Don't be afraid to speak up if you're having difficulty with the technology or the connections you are using.

  3. Don't just 'attend' class — participate enthusiastically.

  4. Don't use too many online resources and tools — it's easy to mix them up.

  5. Don't think you're alone or get discouraged. We are all learning together in an entirely new environment.

  6. Don't just present your work without interaction among classmates and teachers. Use video, chat or email to interact and promote helpful conversations.

  7. Don't indulge in random activities that have no clear learning objectives. Avoid distractions.

  8. Don't use new technology or tools until you are comfortable with them. Ask an adult for help.

  9. Don't continue working during breaks. It's very important to 'turn off the tech' and move around. Get outside between classes as much as possible.

By working together — parents, guardians, teachers and students alike — learning outside the classroom can be a positive and successful experience for all. Below you’ll find some informative related content aimed at fostering a productive and engaging learning environment in today’s challenging times.

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